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My name is Aneka. I am a student attending Kennesaw State University’s MAPW graduate program. My interest is creative writing and screenwriting, while also learning how to become an educator.

This website contains interpretations on articles and textbooks dedicated to pedagogy and theory that I have created during my Spring 2021 semester in the KSU MAPW program.

As a future educator and a student, I combined my ideas regarding both roles to find ways that I fit into these roles simultaneously. In addition, my cohort and I have all taken the time to configure ideas from the theory and material we explored to find ways to create interactive and engaging classes.

Personal Artistic Image with scenery.

As you explore this site, you’ll uncover how some outdated themes have helped mold my teaching philosophy to develop a course that I hope to be interesting and engaging for students entering English 1101 for the first time in their college career (or however many times).

If at any point you find yourself wanting to share more information, do not hesitate. I love to learn from different perspectives and plan to always leave space for other voices.

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