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A photo from Aneka’s Christmas Photoshoot

Aneka ‘Ani’ Bailey, the youngest of three, was born in July 30th, 1991 to a military father and an accountant mother on an Air Force Base located in Japan. Her family spent six years overseas after her birth before relocating to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Due to her father’s military employment, she often finds her self intrigued and inquisitive about other cultures, people in these cultures, and the language they use. She always finds herself learning something new and finding ways to appreciate or share the knowledge she’s gain with those around her, which can be seen in her writing.

In conjunction with her fascination with other cultures, her love of literature and writing blossomed, too. It was at a young age that she started writing creatively and would read for fun with her mother’s encouragement. It wasn’t until the age of twelve, which is when her family relocated to Marietta, GA, that she knew writing was something she ultimately wanted to do. She started writing small sayings and quotes, then begin to keep journals of short stories and poems. After graduating high school, Aneka finished three stories and posted them to various writing sites where she encountered a mentor that helped teach her some minor editing skills that she employed during her first few semesters in college while studying various creative careers such as photography.

Personal Artistic image.

However, English isn’t the only subject she found interest in. Her first few months in college, she took art classes to gain a degree to become a photographer, however, her mother would ask how she planned on making a living and encouraged Aneka to contemplate a career path that was more stable. It was this conversation that encouraged Aneka to focus the strong interest she had in criminal justice and in 2015 she obtained her criminal justice degree from Kennesaw State University. Further, it was in this field where her professor, Dr. Stan Crowder, emphasized the importance of writing and accurately documenting and notating for the profession. However, in her final semester, she discovered she was pregnant and had to decide whether she wanted to enter the criminal justice field or make a career change. With her interest in creative writing still prevalent, she decided to go back to school in order to obtain a degree in English. Due to accumulated credits, Aneka was able to complete the program quickly, while being accepted in an accelerated program that allowed her to earn Graduate and Undergraduate credits simultaneously. With that, Aneka graduated with her second degree in 2019 and fully entered into the Graduate program. Currently, she is pursuing a masters degree in creative writing. She plans to graduate with her degree in the Fall of 2022.

Modeling photo of Aneka taken in Downtown Atlanta by photographer Artevolare.

Aneka hopes of entering the editing and publishing world while also trying her hand at publishing children books and novels. She currently works in the English Department office for Kennesaw State as a student assistant doing minor editing tasks for professors and peers.  She looks forward to gaining the proper knowledge to be a successful editor and author in the near future.

When she is not completing school work, Aneka focuses on raising her four-year-old daughter, enhancing her writing skills, and modeling part-time.

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