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Teaching Artifacts

Mock Rhetorical Theory Lesson

Rhetorical Analysis by Aneka Bailey Major In-Class Learning Activities Main Texts  Week One Monday: Introduce the appeals using a brief slide show that briefly discusses the appeals. Students will watch a short clip further explaining what rhetorical appeals are  Wednesday: We review the appeals by watching a brief commercial and start applying what the appeals …

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The Do’s and Don’ts in the FYC

This week’s post is dedicated to Deborah Coxwell – Taegue’s and Ronald F. Lunsford’s article “A Cornucopia of Composition Theories: What these Teachers Tell Us About Our Discipline.” It’s in the context of this article that we, my counterparts and I, learn what NOT to present in our FYC based classrooms. Further, the two authors …

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How Do I Do This?: A Look at Rubrics and Assessments

A few weeks ago, one of my posts, The Frustrating Thing About Grading Comments, focused on commenting on students assignments from the students perspective and briefly on the teachers perspective. It’s in that post where we, as future educators and arguably students, learn how we wish to better collaborate and learn in the classroom. In …

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Creativity and Innovation in FYC

Student Discourse and Textual Elements “What are students of discourse supposed to know, to be able to speak and write about?” Robert Conners (1997) This is a question posed by Robert Conners reiterated by Jody Shipka in her introduction chapter “Multimodality and Communicative Practices.” His question makes me think, again, about how I want to …

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Teaching First- Year Composition (FYC)

“Habits of mind refers to ways of approaching learning that are both intellectual and practical and that will support students’ success in a variety of fields and disciplines.” Kathleen Blake Yancy, “Attempting the Impossible: Designing a First- Year Composition Course” Kathleen Blake Yancey, author of the article, “Attempting the Impossible: Designing a First-Year Composition Course“, …

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Statements, Academic Freedoms, and FYC

This week, we focused on what goes into syllabus, personal statements, and other artifacts created for the classroom. In addition, my cohort and I, as future educators, are preparing for how to educate incoming FYC students when specific audiences and analyzing data to document for that specific audience is presented in the classroom and beyond. …

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“When Will My Reflection Show Who I am Inside?” (Reprise)

Is This Thing On? My previous blog post makes a very brief pit stop at the concept of reflection. In the section “When Will My Reflection Show,” I make the point of stating that students and teachers should be reflecting on comments that are made and how to they help make the writing better because …